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Page under construction. Information is subject to change. It’s full of dreams and intentions, but will it work? Yes!




Note: We only do custom work right now. The software we’re trying to build is very complex and not easy to use. We have a prototype of the text-to-speech audio generation working. We’re right now looking for authors of books, blogs, stories, the news, and more to be able to do free work for them to aid in the development of our software, and to gain initial traction with content.



Sample of all 20 voices supported by Amazon Web Services Polly Neural, Voice Tag Prefix AWSN:


ChatGPT Generated Content Example:

Bing AI Image Example:



Let us handle the hard part and output complete content for you!

We specialize in: Audiobooks, Blogs, Social Media Content, ChatGPT Output, and more!


Get a custom demo for FREE: Contact Us


We’ll create custom audiofiles, videos, textfiles, podcasts, and more for your business.

We typically charge $10 per hour for the work of our Kitten Content Creators (KCC’s) + $1 per 100 Common Kitten Credits (CKC’s) used.

They’ll take your content and make a very complex textfile using their deep knowledge of our software, assigning different voices to each character.

Then we’ll run the textfiles through our programs, modifying it according to your feedback.

We take the audiofiles and add metadata to the file. For example, we have custom metadata for uploading to iTunes as a recognized podcast with proper formatting and encoding.

We make podcasts out of the files.

We use AI to generate images. For instance, we can have a portrait of the hero of the story that only appears when that hero is talking.

We produce YouTube-ready content, with the description and tags written out.


The Common Kitten Credit Custom Currency System:

You can pay for custom work with CKC instead of USD, if you prefer. Rate to-be-determined. You can also pay freelancers for any task with CKC. Hourly and Fixed Price rate determined by individual freelancer or agency.

We plan on eventually making a non-decentralized central cryptocurrency token. Only HatCat is allowed to mine it, controlling the supply carefully. It will be called the Common Kitten Credit Coin, or CKCC.

You will transfer the CKC or CKCC to the freelancer, and we’ll buy it back from the freelancer at a certain rate.

You will be able to pay your freelancers through a Discord bot, and through a web interface, through an email sent to (not active yet), and through an API, making it super easy.




Want to handle the textfile creation yourself? We’re building a powerful software suite.


Get a custom demo for FREE: Contact Us


Pricing works as a credit system. We call it the Common Kitten Credit, or CKC. The price for CKCs is variable depending on your plan.

Executions are basically any piece of code or software running, doing a specific task, most of them costing CKC to run.


Pricing Plans

Commoner Plan: $0 per month, 100 complimentary UBI (universal basic income) CKC per month included, $1 buys 50 CKC

  • To receive the complimentary 100 UBI CKC free per month, handed out every few days, you must have either verified your phone number or joined the Discord server. You can only have up to 1,000 UBI CKC at one time, meaning that after 10 months of not spending any it stops increasing.
  • You have to solve fun and creative CAPTCHA game challenges to submit Executions. We’ll let software devs submit their own cool captcha games, and receive royalties.
  • Please note that, due to budget constraints, at this time UBI CKC is not available. However, upon request, we can give small amounts of CKC to let you test the programs.

Startup Plan: $20 per month, 1000 CKC per month Included, $1 buys 75 CKC

  • API Access
  • Basic Team and Collaboration Tools
  • No CAPTCHA required to submit Executions, but you can still find and play and rate the captcha game challenges on a page on our website.

Enterprise Plan: $1,000 per month, (do the math) CKC per month Included and $1 buys 100 CKC

  • Premium priority support, direct access to CEO Matt Jackson
  • You can request features or integrations and Matt Jackson will actually make it happen.
  • Advanced Team and Collaboration Tools for Bigger Teams


For the pay-as-you-go plan, $1 buys 50 CKC

For true at-scale pricing, $1 buys 100 CKC, however this is only available for enterprise plans.


Text-to-Speech Audiofile Pricing:

Checking Cost: Each time the “Check Code and Cost” button, which is required to run an audiofile generation task, is clicked it costs 1 CKC

Different text-to-speech vendors charge different rates for different voice technology.

1,000 characters of text with Amazon Web Services Polly Standard (AWSS) costs 5 CKC.

1,000 Amazon Web Services Polly Neural (AWSN) voice characters costs 10 CKC.

1,000 Amazon Web Services Polly NeuralNews (AWSNEWS) voice characters costs 10 CKC.

1,000 characters of text with Eleven Labs (11LABS) voices costs 100 CKC. Yes, the tech is indeed that much more expensive to run. Blame capitalism.


We plan on supporting voices from AWS Polly Neural, AWS Polly NeuralNews, AWS Polly Standard, Microsoft Azure Cognitive Speech Services, ElevenLabs, and Google Cloud. Our goal is 100+ voices to choose from for English and 1000+ voices to choose from across all languages. We plan on supporting as many languages as we can. ElevenLabs allows for custom voice cloning, meaning you can make new voices from audio files of someone speaking. We have a limited number of slots for voice clones from ElevenLabs, so the slots will be sold at auction with Enterprise Plan users having priority.


Data Storage Fees:

1,000 MB of Data Storage per month costs 10 CKC

You can manually or automatically delete files, especially big video files, to save on costs.

Data is deleted after 90 days of non-payment. Don’t run out of credits!

Data storage stability is not contractually guaranteed, meaning that if we get hacked or something we cannot guarantee your data survives. Your data is stored in AWS, so blame the too-big-to-sue Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos.

To counter this unfortunate fact of computing, you can download a full backup of all your files, or just some of your files, to your local device (mobile or desktop).

You will be charged a reasonable fee for bandwidth and computing costs to download a full or partial multi-file backup. You can schedule backup reminders daily or weekly or monthly. It can also be triggered by time-since-last-backup. We also offer this as a managed service where your data will be stored in multiple places, including AWS S3, (file storage site), Google Drive, and on a physical storage drive at Matt Jackson’s house.


Image Generation Pricing, Bing API:

This image was generated with the prompt “Theater Poet Reciting Shakespeare Play”.

Images are generated using Bing AI in batches of 4.

4 Bing AI Images (1 batch) costs 4 CKC.

We have licensing restrictions surrounding the use of the images to comply with Bing API terms of service. For example, you must not remove the Bing watermark in the lower left corner.

This is our first external software licensed by HatCat. The creator of the software will receive royalties and commission every time this Execution is submitted. Apply to be an independent software licenser today! We want to be a platform where people can upload their code and we offer it to our customers for royalties.


Image Upscaling

We can use AI to increase the resolution of images by up to 16x, filling in all the blurry details using generative AI. The model and method we use for this is confidential. Our software supports both photographs and artwork as separate options.

Pricing to-be-determined.


ChatGPT Text Content Generation

We’re going to use the OpenAI ChatGPT API to provide an easy way to generate content, even automatically.

Here’s an example of ChatGPT talking about the USA National Debt, voiced by [AWSN-MATTHEW]:

Pricing to be determined. We will support GPT-4 only.

In the short term, we will require you to generate your own OpenAI API Keys, because we can’t trust the average user to not get us banned from the API for inappropriate prompts. Eventually, we will open up ChatGPT support to all users.


Premade Media Licensing

Want music for your video or audio? We’ll have an audio library where you must pay a certain amount of credits, defined by the artist, to be able to download and use a song commercially, and the artist behind the song gets royalties from content they submit that they have created.

We’ll also include a large library of public-domain music.

This will be easy to integrate into the audio and text files.

This applies to other forms of media as well, such as photos, images, video (particularly for background footage), code, and more.


FX Pricing:

FX, pronounced “effects”, are Feature (maybe rename to another F word) Executions. They’re bits of code.

Feature Executions can be used on audiofiles, videofiles, and imagefiles.

They cost credits every time they’re ran. The amount of credits is determined by the amount of computing cost we incur in running the code.

You can run code inside our suite to automatically modify complete audiofiles or individual chunks of an audiofile.

Common FX’s include:

Slowing down a complete audiofile by 90%.

Speeding up an individual audiofile chunk by 120% for when a book character is speaking quickly or to make it high pitched.


Video Generation Pricing:

Cost to-be-determined. Their are different levels of video, made with different techniques.


Basic: One single screen-sized image over the whole video. Lowest data storage costs and fastest to generate.

Advanced: Image changes according to which voice is speaking, and custom images and custom timestamps can be included to make something fancy.

Hyper-Advanced: Complete AI Video Generation, costs a lot and takes a while


Automatic Common Kitten Credit Buying:

You will be able to set your account to automatically buy a specific amount of credits when your account is below a specific number of CKC. You will be charged a cost as per your current plan.


Earn Content Creation Commissions

Apply to be a content creator!

Right now we’re mostly looking for software to integrate and pay out royalties on, and music by human music makers to have in our content library to pay out royalties on.



We do not allow illegal, adult, hateful, dangerous, sexual, inappropriate, or violent content to be generated. This is your official warning, internet trolls!




Please send feedback on this page and the general idea. Thanks!

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